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Our approach to providing trusts and estates legal services to our clients is one of the characteristics that sets us apart from other firms. Our firm takes a practical approach to estate planning: our goal is to create an estate plan that minimizes the “tax bite” to the family, reduces the risk of family conflict and comfortably works for the family overall.


After preparing a client’s estate plan, we are available to represent the executor in the probate of the will and the administration of the estate. At Jill Miller & Associates, P.C., we make it a point of establishing a relationship with the decedent’s family, explaining the will’s provisions to them and to the other beneficiaries. As counsel to the personal representative of the estate, we arrange for the valuation and collection of assets and the payment of debts, as well as the preparation of a tax plan for the estate during its administration with the goal of providing overall tax savings for the estate and beneficiaries. We are very conscious that the administration of a loved one’s estate is often a very difficult time for the family. We therefore take a holistic approach and focus on making the process as stress-free as possible.

Our firm is committed to delivering the highest level of personal service to our clients. Our client relationships are distinguished by our friendly professionalism, prompt responsiveness, attention to detail, reliability and genuine empathy for those who are faced with difficult issues.

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